Download HTC Sensation Wallpapers for your Android Smartphone


Download HTC Sensation Wallpapers

HTC just released it’s latest flagship Android Smartphone HTC Sensation with all new  HTC Sense 3.0. If you are fancy to get HTC Sensation Wallpapers which look pretty awesome, here we present the whole bundle in .zip file comes from The HTC Sensation system dump.

Download HTC Sensation Wallpapers
Download HTC Sensation WallpapersDownload HTC Sensation WallpapersDownload HTC Sensation WallpapersDownload HTC Sensation Wallpapers

The leaked HTC Sensation system is about 580MB and contains all those sweet HTC Sense 3.0 goodies that HTC doesn’t want to share with its older handsets. Developers are already working on their way to port the ROM into other HTC Handsets which now having some issue to work properly on other Android Smartphones, hopefully soon we will get some good news on that. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated on latest HTC Sensation. source.

  • Jose

    just download the pic, send it to your phone, then set as wallpaper.

  • JDCohen722

    Does Our Phone have to be rooted to have this, or do we just drag the downloaded file onto the SD Card in USB Mass Storage and install it??? Or What?? Is this just wallpapers or are widgets included or what??

    • why would your phone have to be rooted to set a wallpaper -_-