Download Latest Google Play Store apk v4.5.10


The latest version of Google Play store App brings new exciting features such as in-app-purchase indicator, play store activity feed, new review layout and more.

Google just pushed out an update version of play store app v4.5.10 with new features. One of the first noticeable feature is that play store now shows an in-app-purchase alert for apps with premium content to buy later. This is good for users so they would know that the apps they are downloading will ask to spend money sometime in near future.

Download Latest Google Play Store apk

App review section also got a new layout where users will be able to edit and delete their own reviews, rate apps in a new layout with shiny multi-color stars for different categories. Each section of apps got their own colored stars such as Books has blue stars, Movies & TV has red stars, etc. User’s avatar also got some google+ circle style look.

Another key feature in the new play store is an activity feed that allows to view share your Play Store activity with friends on google plus. The feed shows your +1 recommends, ratings. You will also be able to discover new apps recommended by your friends and see what said about these apps.
If you just don’t want to wait for google to push the latest Google Play Store apk in your device then here we got the download link. The apk file is signed by Google and safely upgrades your existing play store app.

Install the latest version of Google Play store apk and let us know what think of the new features. Enjoy discovering and downloading more apps!

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  • Jermain Kerman

    Does this work on any version of android? In my case 2.3.6