Download GMail apk (leaked), Pinch to Zoom Feature and more

Interested to get your hands on Upcoming Gmail app for Android before the official update arrives?

Download GMail apk latest version

Not digging inside your Android smartphone lately? Well, you will do tonight. We have got the upcoming GMail apk v4.2 to download in advanced and will guide you through how to install on your device. The unreleased version of Gmail app comes with some interesting features we have been looking for. Finally the app got  Pinch to Zoom Feature and you will also be able to swipe to delete. To get a better idea watch the demo video below in courtesy of androidpolice. Download link and instructions to install after the break.


Before we go down to the business keep in mind that the leaked GMail apk will only work on Android 4.0+ devices which must be rooted. Since the apk file is signed with a test key from google, you will not be able to install it as an update and need to manually delete the existing apk from system files (that’s the reason for root access). Note that once the official update version of Gmail app become available you have to do the same (delete the apk we are going to install) in order to be able to  install latest update. Let’s follow the guide below:

  1. First thing first, Make a Nandroid backup for safety
  2. Download  GMail apk and save it.
  3. Try to uninstall the original gmail app through Titanium Backup. Skip to the step no. 5
  4. (This step only require if the previous step does not do the trick). On your device browse the file system with root explorer or similar app. In /system/app you will find original gmail.apk delete it and also look for other files related to gmail app. Those might be named something like “,” or so with number. If your file explorer shows icon then you can easily find them seeing gmail icon. Delete them also.
  5. Reboot the device and you will see there is no gmail app on your phone. Now copy the download apk on device and install it as a normal apk file.
  6. If it doesn’t work, try to copy the new gmail apk manually in /data/app folder then restart the device.

Let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulty.