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There is a wide variety of games available on the Android platform. Titles following the style of Rovio’s Angry Birds series of games are a dozen but few manage to focus on   innovation rather than following in the footsteps of success.

Android Game Review Gamevil’s Toy Shot – Angry Birds Style Fun (Video)

Gamevil is well-known for offering great titles for both Android and iOS. Toy Shot is one of their most recent title meant to bring joy to those who want slingshot style fun across a field and crush enemies. If you are a fan of physics-based, catapulting games and tired of Angry Birds this title is just what you’ve been looking for.

“In the peaceful land of Toy Kingdom, the rebel army who called themselves as the Undead Warriors devised a deadly plan to spread violence across the nation”. That is how the story of Toy Shot begins to emerge you in the world packed with castles to conquer. Lego-style building blocks and smiley action figures are characteristic for this title. The weapons at your disposal are crossbows, missiles, and bombs that cause a lot of damage. Be careful how you shoot. Gamevil has chosen a slightly different approach with Toy Shot. You set the strength and speed of your projectile by gliding your finger in a circle area near the objective. The mechanics work great, though some time is required to get acquainted with the new style. The graphics and sound are very good.

+ Nice graphics

+ Angry Birds style addictive gameplay

- Shooting mechanics can become annoying


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