Download Fleksy Apk Beta – The Most Advanced Android KeyBoard


Android OS offers the most freedom when it comes to customizing each part of the OS. Among the available options the software keyboard alternatives are the most popular and in this department. Options such as SwiftKey or Swype are the most widely spread and appreciated by millions of users.

In this post we are going to introduce you with a new android keyboard alternative which is just in beta but already shows some good impression. Download Fleksy for Android from the link below and try yourself.

Download Fleksy keyboard android Apk Beta

Since last year there have been a bunch of rumors talking about a software developer’s solution for a very advanced input method for Android. Flesky keyboard has been since in testing and available only on a very limited number of devices, in the Google Nexus category.Auto correcting text in Flesky is incredibly goo but does not need accuracy when typing, just tap on the keyboard layout and it will guess what you meant to type even if you misses the letter.
Now the developer has gone to a different stage and made the beta apk available for all users to try.
Fleksy Keyboard Beta is available through the developer’s official beta channel and from there you can side-load the apk and enjoy it on your smartphone. It poses as the most functional input method, coming with a unique layout and predictive typing like you’ve never seen before. Language and features support is fairly limited for the time being, though there should be new additions over time.

Watch below the video overview of Fleksy Android keyboard Beta

Download Fleksy Keyboard apk by registering through the developer’s Beta software page in a few simple steps. It is entirely worth it.
  • Jim

    What am I missing? I’ve filled out the Beta application and submitted it, expecting a pop-up or a redirect to where I could download the app, but as far as I can tell nothing happens beyond my application getting submitted and I don’t see any other links.

  • Barb Kline-Dols

    when will it be available in Google Play Store? I don’t download 3rd party apps. and I’d really like to try this one!