Download Fishing Game for Android, Feed your fish to grow up!

Fishing Game for Android is a simple and fun play on your phone. Enjoy the water world under the ocean, feed your fish to grow but remember the one simple rule, Eat the fish smaller than yourself and avoid the fish bigger than yourself else you will be eaten by those stronger enemies.

Screenshot of Fishing Game for Android Screenshot of Fishing Game for Android

Feature of new version:
-Fixes a problem that prevented the expansions ‘Big Night Fishing’ and ‘Big Dino Fishing’ from starting on phones and tablets with Android 4.1 and later.
-Now features leader boards for each location.
-Introduces a new and improved tutorial system to help you learn how to play.
-The latest version contains new bonus items like Chum, Dogfish Repellent and new fishing rods. Earn these items to gain a special advantage in the game and catch more fish!

Fisihing Game for Android was developed by GameLink
Package name:
File size: 1.1MB

Download Fisihing Game for Android:
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