Download Evi Android App, finally a good Siri alternative for Android that does look promising!

Download Evi Android App, finally a good Siri alternative for AndroidDownload Evi Android App, finally a good Siri alternative for Android

We have seen over a dozen android altenative to iPhone Siri but most of them were nothing close to how siri works. But a company called True Knowledge Ltd finally  developed  a new app titled “Evi” which seems to be a good competetior of Siri. They have working on a secret project and finally using Nuance voice recognition technology (a voice recognition engine that actually understands what you say), the developer come up with Evi which is able to answer the question you ask. The app features both voice and text input methods. Evi is not a true competitor of iOS Siri as it doesn’t sync with calendar, reminder and does not work as an actual virtual assistant but it’s the closest to siri which does help with all of your everyday information needs. Evi understands what you want to know and gives back exactly what you’re after, something a search engine would do. Local information for UK and USA – Shopping, news, dining and more. Evi knows where you are and gives answers based on your location

Unfortunately, due to large number of installing and huge access of the app by exciting people “Evi” server wasn’t able to handle such traffic and had a bad starting. The company stated:

On Monday 23rd the world learned about Evi and responded in a phenomenal way. To see how many people were excited by Evi and her app was overwhelming and hugely exciting for us. Unfortunately the enormous response was more than our servers were able to handle and so many users experienced connection problems.

Weíd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who downloaded the app, and to assure you that the team are working around the clock to get Evi back on her feet and ensure that she is better able to handle the huge number of people who wish to ask her questions.

So many thanks from everyone on the team, and Evi herself, for your patience and understanding.

Hopefully Evi will bring more features in future updates. Let’s watch below the video demo of Evi and see how it works.


You may Download (rename it to .apk and transfer) from online file sharing site or best if use the android market link below.