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ClockPlus DayDream Advanced Clock Offering the updated Daydream (screen saver) Feature for Android 4.0+

With the latest version of the Android OS, Google has decided to focus more on bringing new features, and improving upon was already perceived as great from every point of view. Android 4.2.2 is now available for only a handful of devices, though its features are constantly ported towards others. ClockPlus Android Screensaver app One of the features Google decided to introduce with Android 4.2.2 is the Daydream feature. The option available in the settings menu allows you to have your smartphone put to use while its docked and / or charging. Through it you can have a screensaver like interface show up when your phone is resting for a recharge, to show either a photo slideshow, or the most recent news, time, date and notifications. The choice is up to you as the developers have implemented this feature into their apps and more options in regards to Daydream are now available.

Clock Plus Daydream is a lightweight app designed to offer a very nice designed interface and with extra functionality for Android 4.2.2. The app provides a simple clock that can be both digital or analogue that shows up on the screen when the phone is resting. It is also capable of displaying notifications for emails, SMS and calls and it looks just perfect. The brightness can be adjusted for night or day mode so that the screen does not take to much battery. On top of that it is also compatible with Android 4.0+ devices, where one must activate the function manually by accessing the app and pressing on the clock.

PROS of Clock Plus Daydream for Android:

+ Clean and very good-looking + Provides notifications + Android 4.0+ compatible

CONS of Clock Plus Daydream:

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