Download Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game

Enjoy dodgeball extravaganza! with Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game.

Download Chompy's Dodgeball Android Game

Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game brings a fast paced arcade dodgeball extravaganza! on your Smartphone and Tablet.  OpenFeint supported Chompy’s Dodgeball contains five character’s worlds, tournaments and mini games. Pick your character and start to throw dodge! The control is simple: Tap left and right on the screen to move, tap on your opponent’s side to throw dodge, and if you get down by opponent’s hit, tap the screen repeatedly to get up. Save your hearts to win while the game last or try to keep all the balls on the opponent side by throwing them quick.

Screenshot of Chompy's Dodgeball Android Game   Screenshot of Chompy's Dodgeball Android Game

Chompy’s Dodgeball features Tournaments, Characters, Random Encounters, Power Ups, Stages, and Downloadable Content!!! You can download below the Chompy’s Dodgeball Lite for Free but there is also a pro version of Chompy’s Dodgeball can be found in Android Market for $1.19 whic remove the ads and unlock ninjas and the cat lady. Watch below the video preview of Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game:

Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game has been tested on following Android devices: G1, MyTouch3G, MyTouch4G, Droid, Droid2, DroidX, Evo, Samsung Tab, Dell Streak, Nexus One, Nexus S, G2, Motorola Devour, Motorola Milestone, Archos 101.

Chompy’s Dodgeball for Android was developed by Quicksilver Labs
Package name: quicksilver.chompysdodgeballlite.apk
File size: 18MB

Download Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game lite apk v2.1.1:
Chompy's Dodgeball Android apk

Chompy’s Dodgeball Lite is a Free Android Game. You can also download the latest version of Chompy’s Dodgeball Android Game from playstore.