Download Apparatus, One of the Best Physics based Puzzles Game for Android

Download apparatus for Android, A physics based puzzle where the goal is to get the blue ball into the basket.

Android Games Review Download Apparatus android game

Lately we haven’t seen a puzzle game for android which could be awarded as top game. Finally, Developer Bithack brings Apparatus for Android, a construction-based puzzle game. It is a really challenging title that stimulates your creativity through lots of enjoying levels.  The basic goal is to arrange different structures to get the blue ball into the basket. You will use different objects, like wooden boards and pins to build ramps and bridges. Eventually, more complex solutions will require the use of other objects, like battery-powered switches and spinning  motors.

The game will become very difficult as you advance and some levels will require lots of thinking to solve. Every time you complete a level you can go into Freebuild mode and modify the level however you like. You can them share you puzzles with the community and let other people play your modified level.

Pros of Apparatus Android Game:

+ Pleasing, well designed graphics

+ Lots of very challenging levels

+ Controllable vehicles, minigames, robots, built by users and uploaded to the community!

Cons of Apparatus Android Game:

- Some users experienced serious performance issues

- Doesn’t work well on lower end Android devices


Download Apparatus Lite form Google Play Store by hitting the widget bellow. The full version is also available for purchase on Android Market.