Download APK Edit V0.3: Simply change an Application Icon on your Android Phone


Ever wanted to simply change an icon on your Android phone and found yourself lost in the endless lists of forum posts saying: you have to change heaven and earth to do this…
Not anymore… Xda member whiskeybro  present us APK Edit v0.3 With APK Edit program you can simply change icons of your android application. It even lets you change the applications name. But wait mike….. there’s more….. It even lets you edit the text used in applications.

APK Edit V0.3 Change Android App Icon

You can change the application name from your computer, just plug your device via USB cable, run the application, and start personalizing. The latest update has added language support and installation method via USB. Be sure to select the .apk (Android Package File) you want to modify and then proceed. (Caution: when overwriting an existing application, using the adb Wireless feature, you will loose your associated data!!!).

NOTE: In order to use APK Edit you need to have java installed. By default it will search for it in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe”. If it can’t find it there, it will pop up the warning screen. If necessary you can download java for free at: For more info check the forum thread over xda.

Disclaimer: It may not legal to change an application data without developer’s permission. only use on you’re own apk files, we are not responsible for any unauthorized use.

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  • Starnikov

    Link is down…

  • Chetan

    I have got java installed. Still it can not read java. What to do?

  • Mr Center

    Downloaded it from XDA. Checking it out now. Very clever.

  • Rahul

    doesnt works the file is corrupt