Download Anti Android App, Now available as Free, Silver, Gold and Premium. Easy hacking on the go!


Anti Android app Hacking tools  Anti Android app Hacking tools

Remember that Android app called Anti, developed by Itzhak Avraham –  A Security researcher, designed to bring easy hacking on the go with all the hacking tools available to penetration testers on PCs to smartphones, with an automated interface intended to make sniffing local networks and owning remote servers as simple as pushing a few buttons with attack methods:

  • [+] Scan – This will scan the selected target for open ports and vulnerabilities, also allowing the user to select a specific scanning script for a more advanced/targeted scan.
  • [+] Spy – This will ‘sniff’ images transferred to/from the selected device and display them on your phone in a nice gallery layout. If you choose a network subnet/range as target, then all images transferred on that network – for all connected devices – will be shown. Another feature of the Spy plugin is to sniff URLs (web sites) and non-secured (ie, not HTTPS) username/passwords logins, shown on the bottom drawer
  • [+] D.O.S – This will cause a Denial Of Service (D.O.S) for the selected target, ie. it will deny them any further access to the internet until you exit the attack.
  • [+] Replace images – This will replace all images transferred to/from the target with an Anti logo, thus preventing from attacked used seeing any images on their browsers while the browse the internet, except for a nice looking Anti logo…
  • [+] M.I.T.M – The Man In The Middle attack (M.I.T.M) is an advanced attack used mainly in combination with other attack. It allows invoking specific filters to manipulate the network data. Users can also add their own mitm filters to create more mitm attacks.
  • [+] Attack – This will initiate a vulnerability attack using our Cloud service against a specific target. Once executed successfully, it will allow the attack to control the device remotely from your phone.
  • [+] Report – This will generate a vulnerability report with findings, recommendations and tips on how to fix found vulnerabilities or bad practices used.

The app is now out of beta and available to download in few version: Free, Silver, Gold and Premium (note: for rotted device only). You will have to install ‘AntiCredit‘ from the Android Market in order to actually use the application effectively by buying credits. AntiCredit is the app to purchase status and credits for Anti usage.
Once you buy Silver, Gold or Platinum(for corporate users and power users), your status is saved forever. You can use MITM,DOS,SPY,REPLACE IMAGES and other features like PASSWORD CRACKER, but you also get N amount of credits, these credits can be used for attacks and reports. Head over to Zimperium website to download Anti. “Anti is your perfect mobile companion, doing it all for you. Please remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.”
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