Download Leaked New Android Music Player v3.0.336, As seen on Honeycomb

A leaked version of latest Android Music player just become available for download, the one we have seen on latest Android Honeycomb OS. One of the author over  Tech From 10 site interestingly somehow got a test version of Android Market on his device and download a few good stuff. The new music player is quite similar to the one found on Honeycomb tablets, but optimized for smaller phones. It appears to be very stable; I was able to listen to my music through it just like I would with my normal music player.

 Download New Android Music Player v3.0.336

The new stock player sports an improved interface, recent listening history, and some neat touch controls. The updated player even adds feature for cloud-based streaming—they’re just not available yet. It’s got some pretty cool new goodies, like a “recent history” view in landscape mode that lets you see your most recently played tracks. It also has a very pretty UI, which not only gives it a new look but also adds some cool navigation views in landscape mode, which in some cases can make it easier to scroll through your music. Latest Android Music Player v3.0.336 is one of the goodies. We just tried it on our Samsung Galaxy S and it works flawlessly, go ahead try it on your device. Let us know what you think.

Download Leaked New Android Music Player v3.0.336  Download Leaked New Android Music Player v3.0.336

Package name:
File size: 3.5MB

Download latest leaked Android Music Player v3.0.336:
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