Download Android game Diversion, The ultimate 3D platformer on your phone

Download Android game Diversion

Diversion is the ultimate 3D platformer for Android. Truly Diversion is an amazing game with over 150 fully-animated playable characters to unlock and collect throughout the game in lush 3D Environment. Let’s your character  run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly! Unlock more challenging gameplay and hazards, including: spikes, chasms, zip-lines, slides, ledges, holes, buttons, spiderbots, bouncer bombs, water, laser walls, meteors, security drones, aliens, mutant sharks, chompers, stompers, lava, steam vents, blast vents, reversers, stoppers, portals, spike rollers, and more!

Screenshot of Android game Diversion  Screenshot of Android game Diversion  Screenshot of Android game Diversion

In 3 different worlds, 100 challenging levels will require timing and puzzle solving skills to complete and unlock the 150+ playable characters including: Ninja, Alien, Rocket, Karate, Robo, 60s, Zombie, Burglar, Tiger, Egyptian and even the Freaky Chicken and Future Banana! Watch below the cideo demo of Android game Diversion:

Diversion Android game was developed by
Package name: com.ezone.Diversion.apk
File size: 16MB

Download Diversion Android Game v1.1:
Diversion Android apk

Diversion is a Free Android Game. To buy and Download Diversion game head to Android Market link or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus to get update on latest Android News, Apps, games and Live Wallpapers.