Download Android Booster App Free. The whole productivity/utility SOLUTION

Android Booster FREE is a very useful application that allows you to optimize the operation of the mobile device based on Android. The application allows you to increase productivity and speed of the system by optimizing all running programs and controlling the amount of the Internet traffic. The app helps you to boost your android Smartphone’s performance by saving the battery consumption, removing unused applications to free up memory and tracking the CPU performance. You can set traffic limit, the application will automatically block unauthorized network connection.

Download Android Booster App
Android Booster Free is a fast and easy tool to improve the performance of your Android powered devices. The whole productivity/utility SOLUTION for Android which included: Task Killer + Battery Saver + Memory Booster + Uninstaller + File Manager + Settings + Network Manager + Process Manager. These can optimize your android phone via manage apps/tasks, show battery used, one-click turn on/off wifi, mobile network, Bluetooth and so on. The application allows you to analyze energy consumption by using the outcome of inspections, filter unwanted documents, files, programs, followed by removal, move documents on the topics and create new folders for optimal data collection device. Android booster app also got a cool Widget option, which will let you one-click optimization to manage WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile network & power display. In the settings Booster you can put in an application startup, configure icon on the main panel and automatic optimization.

 Download Android Booster App       Download Android Booster App

A brief description of the apps key features:
- Battery management: monitoring the supply flow rate, determine the level of energy consumption of each application, providing options to reduce battery consumption, as well as the presence of power-saving mode;
- Optimizer: Optimize the speed of your Android device with just one click, and also optimize by detecting the completion of hidden processes, slowing the machine;
- Task Manager: Displays active processes with the ability to complete any one of them
- Application Manager: Displays all running applications in real time, level of access for each application size, as well as the ability to remove applications;
- Network Manager: Displays all applications using the current connection to the Internet, monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic;
- File Manager: manage files and folders on your device or memory card, the ability to delete or rename files;
- Integrated anti-virus: allows you to find malware on the mobile device and render them harmless, as well as to prevent the penetration of viruses in the future.

Download Android Booster Android App v1.00
Android Booster Android apk

Android Booster is a Free Android App. Download Android Booster from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app Android Booster FREE for Android from Play Store