Download and install apk files from Android 4.4 KitKat including the new Google launcher and apps (keyboard, Hangouts, camera, wallpapers).

Download Android 4.4 kitkat apps apk

Google has just announced it’s newest version of the Android OS named as Kitakat (Android 4.4). The latest version of the OS comes with plenty of new features such as : The new Google Experience Launcher, messaging now integrated right in Hangouts app, new camera app, full screen wallpaper and many more.

The new Google Experience Launcher in Android 4.4 KitKat offers a lot of new features over the previous version of default android launcher. For example, users now can launch Google Now with a simply swipe gesture on the home screen. User also now has the ability to do voice search by just simply speaking out “OK, Google”, something kinda similar to what we’ve seen on latest Motorola devices. Unlike Moto X or other recent Motorola devices the Ok, Google command works only from the homescreen. The new launcher also got new color scheme, flatter icons. Google has claimed that Google Now is more accurate by 25% than the previous version with more voice responses. The new version of Hangouts integrates your IM, text and MMS messages together in single threads.

If you are fancy to try all these new features on your current android devices then you are in the right place. As there is a good android community and a bunch of dedicated android developer live out there, we always get the chance to enjoy new features as soon as it arrives. This time again, the APKS form the latest Android 4.4 are available to download and install. Simply follow the links below to Download them. If you are sporting a device similar to Nexus 5 specs then download following three APKs to try out the New Google Now with new Google Home.

PreBuiltGmsCore (Google Play Services 4.0)

Velvet (Google Search)

GoogleHome (Google Launcher)

Note: If Google Search force closes then try to change the language (Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language) and reboot your device. Do voice search then change back to your preferred language. Hopefully it will work fine on your device.

Other Goodies from Android 4.4 Kitkat:

Downloads Google Hangouts APK (v2.0.012)

Download new Google Now APK (

Download Android 4.4 Keyboard APK (v2.0.19003.893803a)

Download Android 4.4 Camera APK (v2.0.001)

Download Android 4.4 Wallpapers

Let us know how it all goes. Enjoy!
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  • jools clowes

    google home has been deleted

  • user

    it will work for nx007hd8g Tablet ?

  • Nithin

    my phone is galaxy s-duos 7562 can i upgrade kitkat version in this phone..

  • Harshal

    Goole home is not working….
    what to do..!!

  • gian


  • bharat bharatjindal

    Thanx, Working great

  • Hetal


    • David

      Won’t install on my galaxy tab 2 either.

  • Frank

    I was wondering if you have any KIT KAT keyboards? I have android 2.3 OS, but I downloaded the kit kat look alike icon pack, I want the keyboard too…

  • John

    My Google search force closes whenever I search. Any one else having the same issue or can someone help Me correct this problem.

    • John

      You have to go to Goggle search settings and change you default language to anything else, get out of he settings, then go back into the settings and change it back again. I just did it myself and it seems to have corrected the Force Close glitch.

    • John

      Change your default language, then go back and change it back. It seems to be working since I did this..

  • Milos

    Everything works except google home. Tried to change language to prevent search from crashing but no success. Tried on Prestigio pmp5597ultra duo with JB4.1

  • Phil C.

    Hey, Im using a samsung galaxy 2 running android 4.1.2 not rooted and the camera app only works for photos and doesn’t record video without freezing and taking away about 20% of battery. I’ve tried a few versions of this 4.4 camera but they all have the same problem. Please help thanks,

  • Edgars

    On kitkat launcher Dont WORK DIRECt call widget on note 2.

  • Tauseef

    All r working fine

  • Jim Stewart

    Check your new GoogleNow link… i get another Velvet

    • Todd

      Same thing happens to me.. Google Now links to Velvet

      • KeyboardFailure

        This is correct. Google Now .apk has always had a Google dev codename of Velvet.