Download Android 4.3 Camera apk, Boot Animation and SunBeam LWP


Download Galaxy s 4/HTC One Google Play Edition Android 4.3 Camera apk, Boot Animation and SunBeam Live Wallpaper apk.

Download Android 4.3 Camera apk
Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher, keyboard, Hangouts, camera Apk & wallpapers.

The awesome guys over xda forum are always ready to bring us latest Android goodies for older devices. Quickly after of releases GPL files from Google Edition Smartphone Galaxy S 4 & HTC One, members at xda pull out the new Android 4.3 camera app and other goodies for our current devices.

Let’s download them and try out on your Android Device.

SunBeam wallpaper

SunBeam wallpaper can be install and side-loaded as you do with any other apk file. If you face any error then your device may need to be rooted and manually push the apk into /system/app folder. Set the permissions to RW-R–R–, reboot, and enjoy.

Download Google Play Edition SunBeam Live Wallpaper

Boot Animation

The boot animation comes in a .zip file that you need to flash through custom recovery. To install Custom recovery your device must be rooted. Do some google if your device not rooted already.

Download Google Play Edition Boot Animation

Android 4.3 camera apk

Android 4.3 camera apk

Finally the most excited part of the new version of android. The Google Play Edition Galaxy S 4 and HTC One featuring a new cool camera app. The new android 4.3 camera app got cool Photosphere-snapping function and a very useful sheet menu overlaid.

The leaked apk should be work on any device running on Android 4.0+. The apk has been tested on HTC One, Note 2, Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4.

Download Google Play Edition Android 4.3 camera app apk

Note that some user reported that they have lost the default camera and gallery app after installing the above apk. This may vary on device to device. But if you are using a rooted device then take some moment to backup original apk’s using an app like Titanium Backup before installing new camera apk. If you run into any trouble then just uninstall it and install older ones from backup.

Hopefully you will enjoy these goodies from latest version of android 4.3. Let us know in the comment section if you successfully try them out and how does you feel.

source : xda, xda 2

  • Nugie

    If you think “Sunbeam” live wallpaper is amazing? Try Photospheres HD live wallpaper, it will place this Sunbeam back in time!! Photospheres’s experience leave you feeling like you’re there, “Live” experience in person! No live wallpaper will come close to this 1 for awhile. Best part about it, is the ability to download & expand your library at anytime rather than to be stuck with 1 image the whole time.

  • Isaiah Macias

    the tip for the original galaxy s screen shot did not work any help please reply. thank you

  • Grzegorz

    Witam. Jak ustawić, aby domyślna pamięć zapisu zdjęć/wideo była karta pamięci, a nie pamięć telefonu? Model: Galaxy Ace2

  • Larry

    I do like the Google Camera apk, except I would like to store my photos/videos on the external SD card and I do not see any way to change the storage location. Am I missing something? Any ideas?
    I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.