Download latest Google Camera app apk [ New animation, better HDR and more ]


The latest version of Google’s own Camera app, as seen on Android M, brings new features.

Download latest Google Camera apk

Without any doubt all Android users are eagerly waiting to install the public version of Android M. Or, want to test the version of the apps compatible with Android M on those devices which are not compatible with M. Now, you can test at least one thing on your device before the arrival of Android M. Google has pushed a replacement version of the Google Camera app, which is essentially the same what we saw in the Developer preview of Android M.

The new version now at v2.5, features a new animation for the focus and more new features:

The thumbnail of the last picture taken is contained in a circular icon, and HDR photo processing is now much faster. On the other hand, they have been removed quality options for blurring the lens. It is assumed that it is now fixed to normal. We never really saw a big difference with this setting, so maybe it’s no loss.

There’s additionally a preview bubble within the corner when you take a photograph. Here is a list of the changes we discovered so far.

  • New focus animation
  • Much faster HDR
  • New animation when the image comes into focus
  • The thumbnail of the last picture taken is now visible at the bottom right
  • Lens blur quality selector removed in settings (was normal or Low before)
  • Fixed a bug that crashes the application sent in with the shot in HDR

As usual, the update is being released gradually, so it may take a few days before it arrives on your device. If you do not want to wait, however, you can grab the new edition from APK Mirror and proceed with the manual installation:

Download Google Camera apk v2.5

Google Camera (Playstore link)

Hopefully, you will enjoy the latest version of google camera. Let us know in the comment section if you successfully try it out and how do you feel.

  • Larry

    I do like the Google Camera apk, except I would like to store my photos/videos on the external SD card and I do not see any way to change the storage location. Am I missing something? Any ideas?
    I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  • Grzegorz

    Witam. Jak ustawić, aby domyślna pamięć zapisu zdjęć/wideo była karta pamięci, a nie pamięć telefonu? Model: Galaxy Ace2

  • Isaiah Macias

    the tip for the original galaxy s screen shot did not work any help please reply. thank you

  • Nugie

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