Galaxy S4 Air Call-Accept feature on other Android Phones for FREE


Get Samsung Galaxy S4’s air call-accept feature on any android phone for free with Air Call-Accept (free) app on play store.

By now you’ve probably seen the cool Air Call Accept feature on Samsung Galaxy S 4. With air gesture you can answer  a call by just waving your hand over the top area of galaxy s 4. An  infrared sensor located next to the earpiece speaker which capture the motion and tell phone to respond a call.

What if you can just get the feature on your existing android phone. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to answer a phone call by just swiping your hand over the phoneGalaxy S4 Air Call-Accept feature app free for android or simply placing it on your ear. A free android app called Air Call-Accept just become available on play store for free that allows to do exactly what we are talking about.

With Air Call-Accept (free) app you can have samsung galaxy s 4 air call answer feature on almost any android phone. So, how the app able to do the trick on an older android phone without special sensor. The developer explained it well. Using the proximity sensor on your phone, the app detects when you wave your hand over the screen or when you place the phone to your ear and tell the device to act.

While Air Call-Accept android is available for free there is also a paid version of the app available. The paid version of the app gives you few extra features such as ignore a call, turn on the speakerphone automatically when you answer the phone, and send an email when you reject a call.

This is really cool for those who can’t afford a new galaxy s 4 at the moment but now able to enjoy a great feature of it without paying any dime. Let’s install Air Call-Accept and show off to your friends.