Download Android premium Apps and Games for Free from GetJar Gold Offer!


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GetJar is one most familiar source to download free apps for mobile platform, recently it has been widely popular as a great third party appstore for Android user. Even games like Cut the Rope exclusively launched through getjar. The company just launched GetJar Gold premium Android appstore and listed 50 premium apps, games to download for completely Free. These high quality Apps, Games are ad-free and available for download at any time. Starting with 50 titles (total value of $60) including some of the best Android apps, games such as Fruit Ninja THD, Age of Zombies, TuneIn Radio Pro, Solo, and Splashtop Remote Desktop, the Getjar Gold service throws a great challenge to Amazon Appstore and it’s “Free App of the Day” offer.

According to Techcrunh the company also “nearly closed a deal with another big “recognizable” name in the mobile app industry, but cannot disclose details at this time. (Please be Angry Birds!)”

Here is how it works: GetJar will offer users to download free premium apps, games from developers and in returns they will pay the developers for the applications on a per install basis, which ensures developers get paid. On the other hand the company will make their revenue by offering other application developers for sponsored listings their apps within GetJar Gold based on a bidding system where developers will decide how much they willing to pay for per install. The sponsored apps will be clearly labeled and highlighted using a different color (blue). This way Getjar will maintain both consumer and developers side.

You can download these premium apps and games from Getjar using the standard Getjar Rewards App for Android. Which allows to find great apps on Google Play and earn rewards! Earn GetJar Gold by downloading apps then Spend your gold to Download premium Android apps for free.

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  • hemanti

    I think Instafusion is a gre8 has a very easy and beautiful interface..

  • lal

    free android apps and games

  • Angry birds is addiction isn’t it . Getjar has really come forward to help those who dont have premium accounts.

  • Steven B

    Offering 50(for now) free apps versus the one a day is pretty nice though. Amazon App Store must be kept on your phone, sure, so if getjar is the same way, so what? That is to say if you currently have the Amazon App store app.
    Last time I downloaded from getjar, I didn’t need to download a “getjar app” but that was the beginning of this year. I’d check right now, but my network’s 3G is temporarily down (I think they are doing upgrades).
    Anyways, getjar would be a great way for those that don’t have an amazon account to get free paid apps. I’m currently using Amazon App store’s swiftkey app (best keyboard i’ve ever used so far), but will probably get my girlfriend or roommate to try the getjar’s version.

  • smurff

    rentware, if you uninstall getjar you cant use your apps. do not fall for these garbage appstores…..

    • Mark

      It’s already deleted from the android market…