Download 5 Best Android Applications of the Month for Free!

Let’s have a look at the list of 5 Best Android Applications arrived in Google Play store in May 2012. There wasn’t too many top title for this months, below we chose 5 Apps which worth install. Add your thought below in the comment section and let us know top android apps of your chose for this month.

Flud News:
Flud is the first truly social news reader which allows you to discover your news personality and become a credible source of information. Introducing a new kind of social news reader. Flud is a place where everyone has a news personality. For the first time ever, the things you read about give you topical credibility among your friends and followers. Beautiful design, simple user interface, and integrated social features make Flud the best place to read your news.

GO Backup:
GO Backup Andorid APP
Backup all your contacts,messages and apps. Stable,fast,simple and totally free.
Official backup app developed by GO Dev team.
Main Feature:
-Backup contacts,messages,GO launcher settings and apps;
-Backup apps data(needs ROOT);
-Hide annoying app installation interface when restore apps(needs ROOT);
-GO Account supported;

Watched the demo video above for Songify? If yes, then you already knew what this app can do. Songify defies the skepticism about its speech-to-song performance with the very first tryouts, allowing you to turn your lyrics or regular speech into catchy tunes.

Metal Sniffer ☆Metal Detector☆:
Metal Sniffer Metal Detector Andorid App.jpg
Recommended by xda developers, Metal Sniffer brings polished Metal Detection to Android. Find magnetic fields and use it to detect metals or magnets! This app detects nearby electromagnetic fields using the phone’s built-in magnetometer/compass.

Everyme is the private social network based on the sharing idea from Google+. With Everyme, you can share like you do in real life, in intimate Circles. We believe most stories are meant to be shared with your closest friends and family, not with 500 random acquaintances.
Everyme Android App
A Circle is a private news feed between you and a group of people. It’s private and secure, so you no longer need to worry about who sees what. And because a Circle is created from your address book, you don’t need to convince everyone to sign up for yet another service in order to receive your stories, it just works.

UNIQLO WAKE UP is an innovative new social alarm app that aims to make waking up every day an enjoyable experience. Wake up with music that changes with the weather. Share the start of your day.
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