Download 3 Amazing Live Wallpaper for Android by TAT

The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) has launched 3 new live wallpapers for Android. Artemia, Blue Range and Retro Pixels which is kind of cool and this is real and ready to sports on your Smartphone.

Blue Range Live Wallpaper

1. Blue Range Live Wallpaper: Blue Range is an adorable Android live wallpaper filled with full of animals, mountains and great characters! Poke them and see what happens! You can Affect land elevation and tilt trees and flowers by moving the phone. Furthermore, the landscape changes automatically according to the time of day, so you can see down the dark overnight. It’s a great fun wallpaper for your Android powered device. Watch darkness fall during the nighttime and don’t miss the cool sunbeam effect while charging your device..


Retro Pixels Live Wallpaper

2. Retro Pixels Live Wallpaper: The wallpaper will be changing over the course of the day and responding to incoming messages, received and missed calls or even when you shake the terminal. Flowers bloom when you receive text messages and calls, leaves fall when you shake the phone, and at night the moon rise. This wallpaper is the most complete and interesting among the three. And there are some hidden secrets in Retro Pixels Live Wallpaper which you should find yourself. Will you be able and can you really trust the duck?


 Artemia Live Wallpaper

3. Artemia Live Wallpaper: With this app you can enjoy the underwater world. This is a simple and beautiful ocean paper which includes a variety of creepy sea creatures. You will love them to see on your Android Smartphone. Poke them to make them swim a bit faster or tap on the water to see bubbles. Try catching a glimpse of the largest creature in the ocean! Artemia changes dynamically throughout the day, and even responds when you charge your Android Smartphone.


Here is a video presentation of these three Live Wallpaper Android app from TAT (The Astonishing Tribe)