Download Hide Pictures in Photo Locker Android App, Best Android App pick Today!


Download Hide Pictures in Photo Locker Android App

Want to hide some personal pictures from your friends and family members? Hide Pictures in Photo Locker Android App will do the job for you. The app allows to hide pictures securely and conveniently in Photo Locker! with following features:

  • PIN protection – Hidden photos accessable only via secret PIN code
  • Encryption – hidden photos are not only moved to a secret location but are also encrypted using advanced 128bit AES encryption. This means that even if someone manage to steal your SD card and copy the image files, they will still be unable to view the photos
  • User friendly operation – Easily hide photos via default gallery or from within Photo Locker itself.
  • Bulk hide – hide hundreds of photos at once
  • Folder level locking – lock individual hidden albums
  • Zoom in and out of hidden photos with multi-touch. Hidden photos maintain their original resolution and are not scaled down as in some other photo hiding apps.
  • Rotate hidden pictures left and right
  • Slideshow – Slideshow viewing mode available with customizable delay setting
  • Removed from recent app list – Photo Locker App will not appear in ‘recent apps’ list
  • Lock on sleep – If you forgot to exit the Photo Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.
  • Tablet optimized – Photo Locker’s UI has been designed with tablets in mind as well so as to provide the ultimate viewing pleasure on both Android smart phones and tablets
  • PIN recovery – With the optional PIN recovery feature, you won’t lose your precious files even if you forgot your PIN code.
  • Easy Un-hide – Un-hide photos just as easily as hiding them and you can decide where the un-hidden photos go.

The premium version of the app called Photo Lockers also has axiality to Hide the app itself! Photo Locker App will
disappear from the app drawer as if it never exist on your phone. One can only access the app by dialing the secret PIN code. And Ad-free viewing experience.


    i have forget my pin and now how can i retrieve my data pls help me


    Where is download link?