Download 1Tap Cleaner, A Good Memory Cleaner Android App


To keep up your Android Smartphone speedy as new Download 1Tap Cleaner – All in One Memory Cleaner Android.

A great deal of Android devices, especially low and mid-range smartphones, come with small size internal memory. While most offer an SD card to store the data, some apps require that you install them in the internal memory to function properly. This can become a problem as the internal memory can get filled up without warning, mostly due to apps storing their cache and other useless files. So, what can we do? Occasionally you need clean your Android Phone memory cache. Instead of going through each applications data its better to use a dedicated android app to make easier and automated the process.

1Tap memory cleaner android app

Cleaning the cache and app data is possible through the app settings interface. This operation requires a lot of time as every app must be access one by one for caches and data cleaning. Fortunately there is 1Tap Cleaner to do it all for us and more. The advantages of using this app are very obvious and you can act on the biggest memory hogs at a glance, without having to browse all the apps individually. Additionally 1Tap Cleaner deletes the all cache files on a swing or even completely and automatically at regular intervals. After starting the app and clicking the Cache Cleaner tab, you are presented with lists for all applications following their cache size in order of size. If necessary, they can also  be sorted according to their overall memory footprint to expose the biggest space wasters. A click on the button Clear all cache files deletes all temporary files of the apps from the internal memory. Even if you do not want to clean all the applications at the same time, you will be able to only delete the cache of individual applications.

If selected there is an option that allows the app to notify if an application has gathered more than 500 Kb of cache. In addition, the app also deletes any profiles of the installed applications – for example, the web browser, the Play Store, YouTube and others. You can also choose to get rid of all call logs (root required).


Pros of 1Tap Memory Cleaner Android App:

+Very easy to understand UI

+Very fast and efficient

+Option for cleaning call logs (root only)

Cons of 1Tap Cleaner:

-UI not updated to Android 4.0 standard

Download 1Tap Cleaner for free by hitting the widget below. You can also purchase the 1Tap Cleaner Pro version from the Play Store.