Download 1-Click Cleaner for Android. No root permission required!

One of the background effect of running many apps on your Android Smartphone make it slow as those apps cache files and consume memory such as Android market, Browser, Email, Twitter, Facebook and so on. In that case you should use any Cache cleaning app. There are lot of apps out there which allow to kill apps and clean caches to make your Smartphone run faster. Usually these apps require Root permission to work, most of the advance user Root their Android Smartphone to get access to install apps those apps but there are people out there who don’t want to Root their device as warranty being void, fear of bricking, etc.

Download 1-Click Cleaner for Android      Download 1-Click Cleaner for Android

Let me introduce you 1-Click Cleaner for Android developed by xda member caotiantupi. 1-click cleaner cleans cache files, SMS, browsing history, calling records and SD card files to free more space for your smartphone. Easy, quick, and effective. No root permission required! Good privacy guard.

1-click cleaner enables you:

  • One click to clear all cache
  • Uninstall application
  • Show application details
  • One click to clear data
  • Move apps to SD card to get more space
  • Force stop running application
  • Support multiple languages: Korean Japanese French German Italian Spanish Russian
  • You can also clear SMS!
  • Delete SMS by all SMS, contact SMS, or unknown SMS
  • One click to clear all SMS
  • Select specified message to delete

Download ClearMasterBetter1.20.apk:
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