Download Windows Phone 7 music app (Zune Player) for Android, from the Developer of LauncherPro

Download Windows Phone 7 music app (Zune Player) for Android

Have you seen the latest Music Player on Windows Phone 7? Fancy to get it on your Android Phone? The developers of most popular Homescreen replacement app LauncherPro team is working on Windows Phone 7′s Metro UI style Music Player to bring on Android Platform. A video demo of the WP7 Music player has been shown where the the look and functionality of the Zune player for Android is present in a remarkably full featured compare to a real WP7 Phone. Watch yourself below the video of WP7 running on Android and grab it for your device after the break.

Download Windows Phone 7 Zune player for your Android FedeMusic-Alpha2.apk:
Download Windows Phone 7 Zune player for your Android FedeMusic-Alpha2.apk

The application is in still development stage and on Alpha 2 version but it already look decent and even faster than Android’s own music app. Enjoy some Windows Phone 7 look on your Android. IF you want even more than you should check out Launcher 7 on Android Market which A Windows Phone 7 style launcher for Android and gives you overall WP7 look. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus to get updates on latest Android News, Apps, games and Live Wallpapers. via. source.

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  1. Won’t be on the market, just copy the APK to your phone and install it through a filemanager.

    The app is excellent, and I’ve just tried Launcher7 from the Market, very impressed too. Although both are testament to Microsoft’s interface design. Going to keep it on my GSII for a while at least.

  2. Awesome for a beta ver. But won’t read phone state on galaxy s, keeps playing when call comes in, but other wise its sweet

  3. awesome interface (makes me wish for a windows phone). i just dont know how to add songs to favs or add to playlists. also, its hard to forward through a song.

  4. I can’t seem to make it recognize music files stored on an external storage SD. There are no “Settings” that I can see anywhere. I know this app is an “alpha” but is it still being developed?

  5. I have an HTC hd7..which I cannot use for most of the things..when I try downloading a game online it says windows doesn’t support these files..i can’t download any apps or games since it says marketplace is not available in your country/region yet….any help??

  6. really like the look of it!! very impressed….waiting for full version…that is if u are still developing it btw i cant get back to the now playing screen from any other screens in the app PLEASE KEEP DEVELOPING IT

  7. Works well on LG Optimus One running on gingerbread. Even though this is still under development I found no errors so far. This is definitely a keeper!!

  8. Anyone know if you can sync music from Zune on your PC to your android phone with this app?
    I currently have a WP7 but want to change to iphone or android in the future… being able to sync via zune on an android phone would be ideal for me.

  9. Except the Zune software reads the Album Artist tag first as “Artist”, not the Artist tag. The Artist tag is read only if the Album Artist tag is not present. So this is nothing like Zune at all.

  10. Making something LOOK like the Zune software is one thing, it’s quite another to make it WORK like the Zune software

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