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On Sep 10, 2010
Last modified:Aug 20, 2013


Doodle Jump for Android is an insanely addictive game. Once you start jumping it will kill hours of your time. Solid Fun!

Download Doodle Jump Android Game, one of the most insanely addictive game which will give you hours of fun.

Do you like jumping? Jump, jump, jump to the top with the runaway iPhone hit game Doodle Jump, now available on your Android! Guide the Doodler on a springy journey up the sheet of graph paper using springs, jet packs and more. Avoid baddies and blast them with your nose balls!

Doodle Jump Android Download

Doodle Jump Android is platform based game where you bounce your doodler to reach the top and earn points as much as you can. While avoiding obstacles and baddies, you will find extra bonus items such as propeller hats and jetpacks to boost performance. You can also tap on the screen to shoot with your nose which will destroy baddies.

This is an highly addictive game which comes with different game modes such as Jungle Doodle, Outer Space Doodler, Classic Doodle Jump, Santa Doodle, and the Halloween Doodler! The only downside of Doodle Jump Android Game is you will not hear any sound during playing the game. We wish there will be a good soundtrack in future version of the game.

Doodle Jump was developed for Android by RealArcade
Package name : com.realarcade.DOJ.apk
Download Doodle Jump for Android 2.0 and higher V1.0:
(works with Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One etc.)

Pros of Doodle Jump Android:

  • Highly Addictive gameplay which will kill hours
  • Different game modes and endless levels

Cons of Doodle Jump Android:

  • Performance varies on differentt devices
  • Still missing several features from iPhone version
You can Download Doodle Jump apk or use the link to buy latest version of Doodle Jump Android game from Google Play store.