DishPointer Pro Android ( Apk Download )


DishPointer Pro is a fundamental app for your Android device that allows you find the satellite every time, fast and easy.

The app makes easier to install your sat dish with this augmented reality satellite finder.

DishPointer Pro Android DishPointer Pro is a fundamental tool for Android device to see satellite tv free. We search our mobile phone screen, using augmented reality guides to find the coordinates of our favorite satellites. The app works simply, you only have to point the camera of your smartphone in the sky. Then you will see the data on the screen.

 The main features of DishPointer Pro are:

– It can make screenshots, to check the times you want the data, storing them in the phone memory or sent to email.

– Works anywhere in the world with geostationary satellites.

– No internet connection required (although sometimes if)

– You can add, delete, edit or add to your favorites recurrent satellites.

– Delivers accurate Azimuth and elevation, to move your satellite dish correctly.

How to install Dish satellite? Well, do it yourself with DishPointer Pro Android. Download the application (links available below) on your phone and install it. After installation, you need to be using a GPS in your phone, so you can find DishPointer location. Point your phone towards the sky and see on the live camera screen where the satellites are, any line of sight (LoS) issues and the look angles. Couldn’t be easier to install your sat dish with this augmented reality satellite finder.

NOTE: DishPointer Pro does not work with the VGA camera, you need to have a camera of at least 2 megapixel camera to capture the satellite you want.

DishPointer Pro was developed for Android by DP Technologies Ltd
Package name : com.dishpointer.dparpro
File size: 62.94KB
Watch below the short video review for DishPointer Pro Android app:

DishPointer Pro ($15.62)

DisPointer pro is a paid android app. We couldn’t found an apk for the app and the older version of DishPointer Pro apk has been removed. Use the above link to buy DishPointer Pro android app from playstore.
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