Didit Android App is a To Do List manager With Gesture-based Interface


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On Oct 28, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


Download Didit Android App, A beautiful and minimalist To Do List manager for Android inspired by popular iPhone App Clear..

Download Didit Android App to manage your To Do List with a minimalist, gesture-based interface. Checkout the Android App Review below.

We can not start speaking of Didit! without mentioning Clear for iOS, the most acclaimed planning application. The tone of originality that Clear launched with a new type of interface using all sorts of gestures, was adopted by Didit!. But not in a manner that would be considered a mere copy of the iOS application.

Android App Review Didit! A Task Manager With a Gesture-based Interface

The interface that greets us once we open Didit! for the first time is very pleasant. Large buttons and menu designed using graphics from Ice Cream Sandwich with quick responses to commands. When you first start the app a small gesture guide is displayed for a better understanding of the UI. There are many gestures that you will learn very quickly seeing and logical structure of the lists. You add a list using the “+”  that appears at the top of the main screen. Once the list has been called we can define tasks using gestures.

To add a task tap the screen twice rapidly to rearrange you hold and move where you want and delete them or indicate those to be achieved using swipe left / right gestures. Lists and tasks colors may vary depending on the theme you choose, we have three such items available. Alternatively you can select how the list indicator is displayed and sorting criteria. The latest major update includes reminders and speech to text capabilities.

Pros of Didit! | Free To-Do List  for Android:

+ Beautiful ICS style interface

+ All the features for efficient task managing

Cons of Didit! | Free To-Do List for Andriod:

- Some bugs when it comes to task sorting

For those who want to define their tasks in a simple and effective way download Didit Android App for free by hitting the widget bellow.