Dell Stage Widgets and Launcher Download for Android 2.2 Devices

Do you fancy to taste Dell Stage UI on your Android? Now you can get Dell Stage Widgets made for Dell Streak Tablet on your Android 2.2 device. The Stage UI ROM already leaked and ported for Android Froyo. If you like to fill-up some empty homescreens with Dell Stage Widgets then go ahead. Download them after image break and follow the installation instructions.

Dell Stage Widgets Download Dell Stage Widgets Download

Installation instructions for Dell Stage Widgets on Android 2.2 Froyo:
1. Download the zip file from above to your computer.
2. Unzip the .apks from it and place them on your SD card.
3. Open Astro File Manager or any file explorer and tap on StageLauncher-release.apk. Install it.
4. From there, install each of the other .apk files.
5. Tap your home button and choose “Dell Stage” as your launcher.
6. You will now see each widget already in place.
7. You can remove the ones you feel you won’t use.
8. Enjoy! More Pic and info: xda

Download Dell Stage Widgets and Launcher apk for Android 2.2
Dell Stage Widgets and launcher apk download