The Dark Night Rises Mobile Game for Android coming on July 20 (Video)

The Dark Night Rises Mobile Game Coming for Android on July 20

Fans of the Dark Knight movies probably aware that GameLoft is preparing a Game to release based on the on the latest The Dark Night Rises Cinema from the series. With games like The Amazing Spiderman or MIB III catching mobile gamer’s attention, the making of a Batman game can only be something highly anticipated.

The Dark Knight Rises Android Gamer will take you through the story of the movie and more. You are expected to encounter lots of known enemies, with twists and turns of the events at every corner. The graphics look stunning, something you don’t see so often on smartphone platform. The soundtrack also sounds great, inspired by great music from the movies. The release date has been officially set for July 20, just as the movie will debut in cinemas. Until then, enjoy the gameplay  trailer of The Dark Night Rises Android Game:


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