Daily Calculator free: A simple & practical calculator app for Android with the features you most need (App Review)


Math evolves in our daily lives and everyone is familiar with a calculator. Even smartphones are equipped with calculator.

For today’s app review, we have the Daily Calculator Free. It’s an App familiar to most of us. App like this has a lot of competitors including the one pre-installed on your smartphone.

Although they share the same purpose, which is to solve the basic calculations, Daily Calculator Free offers some customization.

Daily Calculator Free – Simple (FREE)

Easy to get.

Daily Calculator Free setup is swift. You just have to download and install the app from Google Playstore. Next thing to do is, obviously, to open it. You will see the app’s main screen (as shown below). The functions and features will be explained as we go on.

Daily Calculator free - a simple android calculator app

Functions, Features and design.

IMG_2886The Daily Calculator can perform simple arithmetic, the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, just like any calculator. There are also buttons for percents and  entry editing or clearing.

The display window enables the user to see the equation, not just the answer. By tapping the calculation window, the user can view the calculations performed and stored in the memory. You have the options to Clear History or to Close the display. And if you need to save the latest answer, you can do so by a long press on the answer. A note at the bottom of the app will assure you that the answer is copied in the clipboard.

The Daily Calculator is designed with large buttons, keypad layout and 12 Themes. You can choose how your keypad would look like and select your theme to suit your preferences.


IMG_2883To customized your Daily Calculator, press the three dots on the upper left-hand corner.

Options includes Touch Vibration, Memory Buttons, Keypad layout, Theme and Display Format. You could also see some options which includes share or rate the app, upgrade the app to the Ad-free version and send feedback about the app.

The images shown in this review is from the free version of the app, ads constantly popping-up at the bottom. If the ads distracts you, an ad-fee version is available but it cost a dollar. The paid app version doesn’t offer anything new from the free version. It works the same except, you got it, ads will be eliminated.

The main asset of the Daily Calculator Free seems to be the Theme. Currently, there are 12 themes to choose from. You can choose six colours each based from “Material” and “Original”.


What’s appealing with Daily Calculator Free:

  • It’s fast. This is one fast calculator to make some calculations simple, nice, and neat.
  • Easy to copy the final answer which makes it quick to just paste the answer and forward it via text or email, for example.
  • Easy to view calculations history which you don’t get on your pre-installed calculator. You can also update the equations in your calculation history by a long press. The app will take you back to the calculation screen.
  • Customizable keypad layout and display format.
  •  The Daily calculator allows users to choose themes to suit their unique preferability.
What we don’t like:
  • Offers only the basic calculations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

What we hope to see in the next update of Daily Calculator Free:

  • Option to copy not only the last answer from calculation history would be good.
  • Calculator Functions that includes commands for pi, logarithms, exponents and more.
Bottom line:

Not everyone is going to need this app installed on their smartphones in addition to the pre-installed calculator. However, if you want your calculation screen to be customized and fast, add some colours while you add or subtract then Daily Calculator could be a nice substitute for your smartphone’s calculator. It’s nice to have some choices while calculating and Daily Calculator is Free. Although the app does not stand out in terms of functionality. The choice is still yours.

Daily Calculator Free – Simple (FREE)