Customize Android with One Click, Themer app now available to Download


Give your Android device a whole new look with just one click on new themer app from  MyColorScreen.

MyColorScreen Themer, one click Android customization app lets you install a theme, style or layer in your android device, adopting the design that you like with a single click and also lets you configure widgets, wallpapers and more without complicated tutorials.

Customize android with themer app

Why you love Android smartphones? Surly, most of you will say that because of the customization options right at our fingertips which are countless. But the problem is the customization forced our handsets slow and downright ugly. Enter MyColorScreen and their new Themer app for Android.

Undoubtedly, most of the Android users are familiar with MyColorScreen. MyColorScreeen is one of the largest and most famous sites for many themes from many artists where users share just their home screens and tell about design elements such as icons, widgets, wallpapers and app. Now the site has made a new app for Android lovers that would automate the whole customization process, and you already know the app name. It is called Themer which is currently not available for download, users can log into limited beta testing. The app takes over your phones UI, giving you a completely different experience with dozens of themes which can be downloaded and applied to your device with a single click. By Themer users will be able to get a new layout with a single touch, without having tricks and fiddling to get it right.

You can customize your Android 100% and can change your look and renewing as often as you want as the developers say. The app is still in beta testing, so you’d better be hurry to signup since we don’t know how the app would price once it comes to Play store. We will inform you more about the app when it released for all and landed in the Play Store.

Update: Themer Beta now available on play store as a free download with over 50 themes already available for free. The theme collection features sports, sci-fi, nature, minimalism, movies, music, and games themes to choose from and more added daily. Download Themer Beta

Since  its still in closed beta, Themer requires an activation code which you can obtain by sign up as a beta tester. Once you get your hands on the app, let us know how you design your home screen.

Sign Up for themer app by MyColorScreen

  • Alex

    sEems like an Homepack Buzz clone.

  • Robin Kshetri

    what code is it asking for? where do i get this code?

    • sign up for beta using the link to get code

  • Dominik

    So far doesn’t work at all on my Ace 2, fails to apply every theme, constantly crashes. Looks like it has potential though, gonna keep on trying

  • Akash

    asking to enter code to proceed? tell us whats the code!