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On Jan 31, 2013
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Download App Space for Android to Decorate your Android Home screen with beautifully crafted pictures and assign your favorite apps

Customize Android Home Screen and Give it An Original Look and Feel with App Space for Android. Decorate your Android Home screen with beautifully crafted pictures and assign your favorite apps.

Placing apps on Home screen has always been a problem since most of us started installing hundreds of apps on our android device. While most of us choose to install a third-party app or create folders there is now a better and beautiful way to manage your android homescreen with app space for android.


App Space is not a complicated solution for placing shortcuts on your homescreen. The app is in fact a widget. It can be placed on any of your screens provided you have 4 x4 dimensions of free space. At the first start of the app you will be greeted by a guide showing you how to use it and its purpose. There are also some themes you can choose to install, for starters just two, though only the default theme provided for free. As for the other two it will cost you just $0.99 each.

Using the app is really simple actually. Place the widget on your screen and press the right-bottom corner button. Once you do you are in the edit mode where you can see the shape of each object. For any you can assign an app as a shortcut. For example there is the stereo to assign a music app and the window to assign a browser. App Space also provides some good guidelines in terms of assigning apps though you are not constricted to following them. There is also a search engine you can use to quickly find the app you want to assign. Take a look at the images below for better understanding.

Customize Android Home Screen with App Space

PROS of App Space for Android:

+ Very good implementation

+ Lots of customisable items

+ Looks great

CONS of App Space:

- Only one widget size

- Only one theme for free

Download App Space Android Free from google play store. Hit the widget below and download.