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Looking for a good Tower Game for Android? Checkout Crystallight Defense Android game.

Crystallight Defense Android game is a “tower defense” game with online ratings and hours of exciting gameplay. You have to defend your castle from the attack comes in waves. Mix crystals and force waves, use obstacles and mines! You can replay each castle many times. Pass 40 levels in Campaign and defeat Mech Lord or play in Battle mode.

The interesting thing is Crystallight Defense mixed up tower defense with Bejeweled-style gem craze which will attract players more to keep engaged them for hours. For example, you have to mix Crystals with Power and effect. When crystals of the same color are mixed, they merge their attack power and most powerful. As we know, usually this type of game don’t gets bore quickly so once you have completed you will start over.

Crystallight Defense Android game Crystallight Defense game

The game has two game modes: Campaign, with 40 levels of play (The free version only has 7) and Battle, where you have to withstand a large number of hordes (not available in the free version). It also contains a tutorial plus an online Ranking.

NEW in Crystallight Defense v2.4.9 :
+ Battle: 250 waves
+ use SEARCH or UP btn if no trackball
Crystallight Defense was developed for Android by Smartpix Games
Package name : smpxg.crystallight.apk
File size: 2.56MB

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Crystallight Defense
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