Create PDF files on Android using camera with Quick PDF Scanner App


Scan documents using your android device’s camera to convert them into Pdf files with quick pdf scanner app.

Quick PDF Scanner Free for Android, from the developer of OfficeSuite, is a handy application for those of you who need to scan a multi-page documents while on the go, easily and quickly. Using the camera of your device this software helps you to scan a variety of documents, and then save them in a multi-page PDF documents and send them to colleagues. Details after the break.

Let’s read more about the app and download Quick PDF Scanner to create PDF files on Android.

There are plenty of PDF documents scanning apps available in the Store of Android and most of the do a great job for you. But the problem is that many of these apps heavily rely on your ability to do a good job of snapping a photo of the page you want to turn into a PDF file. Snap a crooked shot or one that’s out of perspective, and you’ll wind up sending off a less-than-professional document. That’s all fine and good if you can take perfect shots of your documents every time. But for those times when you can’t, you can rely on Quick PDF Scanner.

Create PDF files on Android with quick pdf scanner

Quick PDF Scanner is an excellent Scan-to-PDF tool for Andorid.

What are the features that make it one of the finest apps in the category of PDF Scanner? Quick PDF scanner has two new tools — cropping and perspective — that will help you to get perfect pages in your documents every time. You don’t need to re-take shots just because the image was out of perspective or you didn’t take up the whole screen. Batch mode of the application allows you to quickly and easily scan a multi-page documents. You can also control the focus of the camera, adjust the size of the image, rotate the image by 90 degrees, enable or disable the flash, adjust the white balance, exposure compensation, as well as much more can do in order to improve the quality of the scans. Received documents can be sent via WiFi, Bluetooth or upload to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and SkyDrive. The application also supports importing images from your Android device and Internet sources.