Create Music Mix on Android with Music Maker Jam App


Download Music Maker Jam Android App- a tool created to allow easily create and mix music in a fun way on your Android devices.

MAGIX has developed a new version of its popular music making app Music Maker Jam for Android smartphones and tablets after being available only for devices with Windows 8. This app provides some musical tools that allow you to mix and create musical compositions. Importantly, you don’t need any professional knowledge to use this app. Making of music is quick and easy. Make your own music and show your friends your creativity.

Music Maker Jam, the free new music maker app for Android. For those who do not know Music Maker Jam Android is allows us to make our own musical compositions by providing us some tools without being experts in the field and make our first steps in creating music. The app is well made and optimized for touch input that will allow all music lovers make their own creations like a children’s game. In addition, you can enjoy a free content package that includes more than 1000 loops of four different musical styles: hip hop dance, electric jazz and rock ballads with which to create music. You can also add other different styles through the application itself.

The developer adds a new function for Android version the “Shake” that can demonstrate new projects shaking the phone or tablet to the selected track loops are integrated randomly.

Key features of Android musical app Jam Music Maker

  • More than 1000 different loops and 4 different styles of music: Hip Hop, Dance, Jazz and Rock Ballads.
  • A new “shake” that loops added randomly to shake the phone.
  • The application adapts to both large and small screens, and detects if the device is a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Real-time effects.
  • Adaptation of BPM.
  • Provides 8 tracks to mix.
  • Tilting the phone can be changed effects.
  • It has the ability to insert custom images and backgrounds to the creations.
  • You can export creations to share with friends.

MAGIX Music Maker Jam Android app is available to download free of charge. Download Music Maker Jam from Play Store by using the link below and start to Create Music Mix on Android.