Control Your Android Device From PC or Mac via Mobizen (Review)


Mobizen is probably the best solution to remotely control Android Devices from pc or mac computer.

We’ve all been there: you need to access your Android device, yet you are stuck in the middle of a meeting and cannot discreetly access your mobile device. Those countless notifications, those incoming text messages – they all have to wait until you have a moment to respond to them.

Your mind races. You cannot stop thinking about the flood of notifications and text messages bombarding your mobile device, causing you to lose focus on the meeting and wonder what could be so important about the text messages, notifications, etc. If only there was an easy way to discreetly check your text messages, notifications, and so on via your PC/Mac…

Rsupport Inc.’s Mobizen promises to do exactly that. As long as you have your trustee computer by your side, you can easily see your Android device’s notifications and read your text messages within the comfort of your favorite web browser. It’s a bold promise, so does Mobizen live up to it? Keep reading to find out.

+ What We Like

Mirror, mirror

The good news: Mobizen does indeed allow you to view your smartphone’s notifications and text messages. Even better, you can respond to said text messages and notifications from within your web browser. That’s convenient to say least, yet one of Mobizen’s most impressive feature is that it actually mirrors your Android device on your computer. Thus, Mobizen allows you actually view what is happening on your Android device in real-time.

It is also a great way to stream video/audio from your Android device to your computer. For example, I subscribed to a new podcast last week using one of my favorite podcast catchers yet I forgot that I had not subscribed to the podcast in iTunes. Instead of searching for the podcast, subscribing, and waiting for the latest episode to download, I merely connected Mobizen to my computer and streamed the episode strictly to the PC. Easy!

But that’s not all…

Control your device with a mouse and keyboard

Suppose you want to continue your WhatsApp and text messaging chats from the comfort of your computer. Simply allow Mobizen to connect to your computer, and you can actually simply by using your computer’s mouse! From there, you can use your computer’s keyboard to chat with your contacts and so much more.

If you want to continue that game of Angry Birds when you are supposed to be working, no problem! Allow Mobizen to connect to your computer and you can continue playing with your mouse! Essentially, if you can use the app on your Android device, you can use it on your computer via Mobizen!

Left your Android device at home?

This probably does not happen to you very often, but if it ever does, you can actually control your Android device from anywhere in the world thanks to Mobizen. As long as a PC/Mac is within arm’s reach (and as long as you have an Internet connection in both places), you can use your Android device!

– What We Dislike

Connecting can be spotty

There were a few instances in which it took a few moments for Mobizen to connect to my computer. In fact, the connection timed out a few times, and connecting via WiFi was occasionally spotty. While that could have been my ISP’s fault, it’s a problem you may run into as well. Luckily, Mobizen allows you to connect via 3G/LTE and even your device’s USB cable as well, so you have a few options to choose from if one connection type does not work.

It is an issue that can be fixed, and because Rsupport Inc. updates Mobizen regularly, I assume it will be fixed sooner rather than later.


Seriously: Mobizen is such a powerhouse suite that it is hard to cram all of its features into one review. Giving you the ability to record anything on your Android device in real-time to allowing you to easily transfer files from-and-to your computer, it truly is the best way to take full control of Android device from the comfort of your computer.

Best of all? Mobizen is absolutely free!

Do I recommend that you use Mobizen today? Absolutely. It is almost a given that you are going to run into a situation where Mobizen is the answer, and because the app is free, there is absolutely no reason to give it a shot today.

Mobizen may not be perfect – but it’s close!

  • Kenji SakuraSan

    Okay… i … sorry for noticing but doesn’t that glowing review end with “theres absolutely reason to give it a shot today”?
    Speaking of imperfections, I wish they would let the whole ‘still need to have internet access when used via USB cable’ thing go. Who exactly needs it? I don’t, I have a USB cable.
    Zero advantage to anyone in that being at all necessary so what do ya say Mobizen?

    • Agent Amsterdam

      Hardly the right place for your sour comment. It’s free software and you don’t have to use it. You can drop a kind request at their Zendesk if you’d like to. So what do ya say Kenji?