Control iTunes from android with Retune free android remote control app


Controlling iTunes from an Android phone or tablet is very easy with just a free app called Retune (iTunes Remote).

Enhance your music listening experience with the ability to control iTunes from android. Being able to operate iTunes form an android device comes very handy while you relaxing on the couch and listening music or in the middle of a party when you don’t want to go to near the computer every time you need to change songs or adjust the volume.

Furthermore you can also just connect your mac to a set of airplay supported speakers and control music playback from anywhere around the house.

So what is the best android app to control iTunes from android? Like any other android user i do not want to pay for an app unless i can’t actually get what i want from awesome free android apps collection. For this job Retune (iTunes Remote) is really a good option.

A feature in iTunes called Digital Audio Control Protocol allows to connect extra devices with just a tap and verifying through four digit pin. Simply download Retune (iTunes Remote) android app, connect to iTunes and you are good to go. Note that your mac and Android device should be connected on the same network.

Retune (iTunes Remote)

Control iTunes from android with Retune

Retune (iTunes Remote) allows to control and navigate through music library like you do on iTunes. Create a playlist, search for songs, change the queue and rate songs right from the app. Retune Also offers AirPlay controls and able to remember multiple iTunes library. You would simply love the app. The only thing i missed on my experience ia an automatic feature to mute the sound on calls.

Download Retune (iTunes Remote) Android app for Free from the widget below.