Copy Contacts to SIM on Android with Contact2Sim Pro [Apk Download]


Need to copy the contacts to your SIM on android phones? Use Contact2Sim Pro Android App.

Contact2Sim is an application that, through a simple menu, allows us to copy the contacts stored in the phone memory to the SIM card. Always helpful when changing phones!

It is usually very easy to move the contacts stored in SIM card to the phone memory, since every operating system has integrated this feature.

But the matter is complicated when we want to do just the opposite: we have contacts in the phone memory and we want to copy or move them to a SIM card. Inside the Market, there are many promising applications perform the action we need, but not all of them are safe to use. For that we have found a useful application for Android device to move contacts from phone memory to the SIM card. The application is called Contact2Sim.

Copy Contacts to SIM with Contact2Sim Pro Android App apk

Contact2Sim is a simple application for Android that allows us to move the contacts stored in the phone memory to the SIM card and manage them. Erase SIM numbers and Copy the missing numbers to the SIM. Individually Create, Edit, Delete and Copy contacts. It’s pretty fast and copy in both directions. The principle is very simple: when you start the application, we show contacts stored in both memories (phone and SIM) and allow us to copy between them.

To perform a copy, go to the source panel and select Menu> Copy missing. And voila! Note however that some SIM cards have a memory limit.

From the application, you can if you want to delete all contacts from the SIM card, or even create a contact only on the same card. In Menu> Settings, you can enable an option that keeps sorting by groups (work, personal …) when copying (but will be visible only on a smartphone). Easy and simple. Is not it?

Contact2Sim was developed for Android by happydroid. There are two versions of the app. One is free and another paid. Recommendation, Try the free version first before using the paid version.

Download Contact2Sim app here (Free)

Download Contact2Sim Pro app here ($5.43)

We recommend you to download the latest version of Contact2Sim and Contact2Sim pro android app from google playstore.

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