X Construction Android Game Download Lite v0.9

X Construction is an interesting fun puzzle game that will test your building skills. In the game your goal is to create a safe path for the train by building a railway bridge with the given number of beams, so that the train full of passengers can cross the valley from one side to another safely. You may use different materials and shapes on numerous levels, which will increase in difficulty, and force you to take your inner architect. If you like building games like Cargo Bridge and surely think this game will not disappoint.

X Construction game for Android

The gameplay is simple but addictive. Each level will have a different canyon, different size and relief. For the construction of the bridge will have a certain number of beams that you strategically placed for the train to cross it successfully to the next level. You should think about how to structure, so that the bridge can support the weight of the train and to get to your destination. The game has several different screens and a free build mode where you give free rein to your authentic imagination. The graphic is simple, cartoon style, delivering screams when the bridge breaks. X construction Android game is very funny with which you can spend whole afternoons creating bridges and pathways for your trains to let the train safely cross the valley.

There are two versions of the game X Construction available in the Market, one is Lite version, which is free, and another is priced at $1.36. Both versions of the game consists in total 12 levels to play. The paid version features no advertising, new game mode, free construction with no limitations on the number of tracks. In the future the number of levels and materials will increase, as the developers promised to do constant updates.

Download X Construction Android Game v0.9
X Construction Android apk

X Construction is a Free Android Game. Download X Construction from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Also you can download the latest free version of the game X Construction direct from Play Store by using the link below: