The Conduit HD Android Game Download Free


High Voltage Software has announced The Conduit HD for Android devices with Tegra chipset.

The Conduit HD Android Game
Conduit HD for Android is an award winning First Person Shooter (FPS) game quite popular for the Wii that comes to Android with much improved graphics, innovative controls and unique weapons to wipe out hordes of deadly enemies! The game is free to download, unfortunately only supports Android phones with NVIDIA Tegra processors.

If you love playing in first person, The Conduit HD should be in your list of games. The game is about a protagonist, Michael Ford, who works for a secret organization that will be involved in a crisis and the national war. While Washington DC involved in chaos, Michael Ford recruited by a mysterious organization called The Trust and quickly embroiled in a national crisis, the invading aliens and will have to untangle the web of conspiracies, permeates Washington last few hundred years. You must help the secret agent Michael Ford learn to use the new weapon created by alien technology to war with them, discover ancient mystery and save the world.

Watch below the video trailer of Conduit HD Android game:

The graphics quality of The Conduit HD Android game is beautiful which were further improved in Tegra devices, with increased resolution, improved lighting and advanced physics. The game has stunning graphics and terrible enemies, dark conspiracies, a unique weapon, a large number of options and many other things that will surly make you happy.

The first 2 missions of the game are free and the remaining 7 will be priced at $ 4.99 USD or $ 2.99 USD packets levels 3 to 6, and 7 to 9.

Download Conduit HD game for Android free from Google Play Store using the widget below.