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If you Text a lot from your Android Phone then chompSMS application is for you, with lots of extras like chat-style bubbles, contact pics, quick reply, signatures, templates, passcode, widgets, heaps of customizations, themes & more!
+ TextFreek Service, which lets you send FREE text messages to other  TextFreek user.
So use chompSMS as a souped up replacement to the built-in Messaging app!

chompSMS for Android       chompSMS for Android

chompSMS was developed for Android by chompSMS
Package name : com.p1.chompsms.apk
File size: 4.7MB

Download chompSMS Android App v5.4
chompSMS Android apk
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chompSMS is a Free Android App. Download chompSMS from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.