Chess Online for Android Download game v8.7

Online chess game for Android is a very fun online game of chess, which is not only interesting but also useful. Play Chess against players all over the world

Online chess game for Android

Chess Online is a Online Multi Player Chess game for Android. In this multiplayer online chess game, your main task is to choose a room and a table where you play, choose your opponent to win the game and get some bonus points. Play a fun, interesting, moreover, trains memory, logical thinking and attention. It will take a little time, about ten minutes. The game features an intuitive and colorful interface and good graphics.

In addition, the game provides each user with chat, where you can chat during the game, as his enemies, and with those who support you.

The game features: - Online multiplayer – play against your friends or against random opponents, chat while you play. - Outstanding AI with 6 difficulty levels - Hot seat multiplayer (shared Tel mode) – Global Ranking table - Single Mode includes games.

Chess Online was developed for Android by Cloudroid
Package name : chess.gphone.main.apk
File size: 3.97MB

Download Chess Online for Android game v8.7
Chess Online android apk           

Chess Online is a Free Android Game. You can Download Chess Online from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, simply follow the link below to get the latest version of Chess Online free Android game from Play Store