Chameleon for Android Tablet Launcher Now Available on the Play Store

The Android Tablet custom launchers category has been greatly improved with the launch of Chameleon Launcher Beta. The innovative launcher represents a unique approach to the category. It is based almost entirely in HTML5 and thus delivers a fast and stable experience across every device. Download Chameleon for Android. 

Chameleon Launcher for Android Tablets - Version 1.0 Now Available on the Play Store (Video)

Teknision, the developer behind Chameleon Launcher for Android Tablets, announced a while back that they will “be contributing significant resources towards improving Chameleon’s speed and stability before the V1.0 release.” Teknision finally pushed Chameleon 1.0 to its release, in the predicted mid September time frame. Chameleon is a Kickstarter projects that actually made it to their deadline where there is only 25% of projects kept their promise on kickstarter. In the new build we see the fixing of “blank widget” problem, deactivation of the sleeping Dashboard and added ability to have 5 dashboards on 7 inch tablets.

If you were one of the backers of Chameleon on Kickstarter you probably can get the app for free, but for the normal mortal that costs $10. 3 months ago the Kickstarter campaign started and finally met its success. The idea behind Chameleon is to adapt to the tablet’s surroundings. How? By changing the form of the widgets depending on the time of day or the GPS location of the user. Watch below the video review to get a better idea.


You can Purchase the first stable release of Chameleon for Android Tablets by hitting the widget bellow.

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