Best Communication Apps for Android

Best Communication Apps for Android

The best communication app gives you the coolest social life within a tap!

Communication is crucial part of our daily lives. In the era of smartphones, it is not so hard to communicate and reach out to people. However, the best apps can make communicating a lot easier and fun with a number their unique and extraordinary features. Let us then take a look at the best apps existing -

10 Best Communication Apps for Android.

1. What’s App Messenger A lot of smartphones have this as a built-in app. Easy to use with a simple interface allows you to communicate just the way you want in a text messaging page. It is free and automatically connects with your phone contact list to reach out to other WhatsApp users. You can chat here, or call or share photos, videos, and sounds. The app is one of the most popular worldwide and has a high rating of 4.6 for its excellent services.
2. Skype - free IM & video calls Video call or voice call, Skype is the best. It makes voice calls and instant messages to anyone. Calling from Skype to its other users is free but while calling to a landline or to the mobile phone you have to pay. You can also chat in skype, attach images or videos or files, share links, send emojis, etc. Skype is also primarily used by Business officials as one can hold a conference of up to 25 people at a time. Skype got a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 which is above average on the Google Play store.
3. SnapChat Snapchat is to live in the moment. It is quick, private and easy. Its wide popularity around the world is due to it’s the temporary nature of the images sent that gives its users a virtual taste of reality. Images can also be added with texts, emoticons, cartoons and colorful filters to send over to friends and make a laugh for the moment.
4. Twitter The Twitter app allows you to post your idea thoughts or feelings in 140 characters, and that is the main attraction of Twitter. So much can be said in so less, millions of people around the world are inclined to read others stories without feeling to have to read those long lines of flowery words. Twitter is popular everywhere including news channels, celebrity worlds, organizations and people in general. The app also allows you to express yourself with texts, photos, emojis, emoticons, video, GIFs, and Vines. A great feature of Twitter is you can use hash tags (like #NFL) to find out all the Tweets ever posted about topics you love.
5. GO SMS This is a decent and comprehensible messaging app. The app has an extreme level of customizability with emojis and custom smiley. Chat threads are laid out in bubbles which make it look fun and easy going. An interesting feature of the app includes the ability to schedule texts and the ability to customize notifications. With schedule texts, you won't worry about forgetting something important, or you don't have to wake up at 4 am to send THAT text. Customizing notifications allows to use differing icons, tones and vibrate patterns to help you differentiate between contacts without even looking at your phone.
6. IM+ This is a messaging service that keeps you updated with messages from all other social accounts such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Facebook and more. The app also has its chatting options with great features such as master password, favorite contacts and online notifications alongside two themes that mean you can go for normal or high contrast mode. Pictures and audio can be shared in messages and files can be uploaded to IM servers with a link then being sent on, rather than sending the file directly thus allowing transfer of larger files as well.
7. Facebook Messenger The most commonly used messaging app by the Smart-Phone users. As Facebooking is one of the most viral and shared things that users regularly do on their mobile phones, Facebook Messenger allows you to connect your largest community of friends. So the demand of Facebook Messenger App is always too high. With easy to use Android Interface, you can directly send Text messages to any of your friends connected on Facebook for free. You can also instantly reach multiple friends by starting a group chat conversation.
8. Viber: Free Messages and Calls With Viber, you can exchange texts, pictures, videos and access group chat and call features. Viber is most accessible for free call services it provides and has 200 million users worldwide. The app is developed by Viber Media and is available in more than 30 countries in their own languages. The Viber network has a Google play rating of 4.4.
9. JusTalk Just like Skype, but a lot easier. You can video call or voice call instantly for free and experience the clearest video call, voice call, internet call and group chat. Android users can also invite their iPhone friends or friends over all types of social networks. Just like Facetime, the app provides a super high quality for unlimited time. The best part is JusTalk uses high-tech to reduce voice data lost and thus ensures that you can make a voice call clearly even in a noisy environment with Echo Cancellation. You can also doodle in video calls here and thus enjoy a lively chat with your closed ones.
10. Kik The app has about 80 million users worldwide. Key features include chat, ability to send photos, have group chats, as well as being able to search for YouTube links, images and self-drawn sketches. You can also create and send different memes from within Kik, or "Photobomb" your friends. The app can be used in both, private and personal ways and gives you full freedom to share cellphone number or email address, rather a username that you can create.
So here are the lists of the most popular and best communication app at present. In the time when linking and communicating is important in personal and social life, the apps will come of great use to you. Be aware that you do not get lost on the way and spend too much time in unnecessary communication. Communication is an art, not a luxury. Make use of it; the above apps can help.

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