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Castle Warriors for Android devices, a strategy game where you must correctly position your defensive towers in order to win your enemy. Castle Warriors Android game is a tensely fought, tightly paced RTS game set in a landscape that gently tweaks all those fantasy tropes from the games of yore. Lead your armies against hordes of evil. You must take and defend castles, use superior strategy and tactical timing to gain advantage before claiming victory.

Castle Warriors Android game       Castle Warriors Android game

In this Real Time Strategy game your job is to conquer enemy castles while protecting yours. The gameplay is simple, just sitting with your smartphone, your job is to send tens of thousands of your warriors to defend your castle or attack your enemy’s castle. But you have to do in a certain amount of days. The rules are pretty simple but as you progress through the game difficulty increases thereof which sometimes makes it difficult to conquer all the castles in the number of days determined. With some incredible maps we enter multiple battles with hundreds of enemies. Tap the castle icon, choose how warriors want to take, then tightened another castle icon ally to take refuge there and defend him of an impending attack orc, or just press the icon of an enemy castle to battle, kill the orcs and stay with him. Think about your strategy because your life depends on it. The graphics quality of the game is not so high, we noticed a slight discomfort when moving around the map. But all above you will surly enjoy the game.

Here is a gameplay video review of Castle Warriors for Android.

Castle Warriors was developed for Android by GameResort
Package name : com.gameresort.CastleWarriors.apk
File size: 23.53MB

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