CardioTrainer Pro Android Download v2.8.0

Who don’t want to get fit and to loss weight? So often, the willing is there, CardioTrainer has come up to solve that problem. Go beyond CardioTrainer, and become a real Pro! Your app for walking, running, biking & other activities. This app is one of the most advanced exercise app out there.

CardioTrainer GPS tracker for Android

CardioTrainer for Android is a GPS tracker for your Android device, which allows you to develop the most varied exercises to improve or maintain your fitness. It acts as a support for walkers, runners and cyclists using the Android built-in GPS to record data when you’re playing sports and then transfers the data to the website. CardioTrainer is designed both for indoor activities to outdoor sports. It also shows the route that runs on a Google Map, Live! Other career-related data are also displayed on the operating unit. The app also has a music player to use while playing sports and some preloaded songs especially motivating. So we need not go changing application while running to avoid any setbacks. It is quite simple to go running and in less than a minute you will be done with all menus.

New: CardioTrainer partners with Google Health:now you can see exercise in your overall health! ‘Get Perm Acct’,go for a walk & go to
*Track exercise w/GPS,cal,etc
*Weightloss & Pro Trainers
Pro includes:
* All current and future paid modules. Buy it now – we will increase price as we add more modules.
* Advanced Interval Training – 20 levels
* 30-day money back guarantee
* More Pro training to come

Anyway, it’s worth to give it a try.  Me and my friend passing awesome time to it.

CardioTrainer Pro was developed for Android by WorkSmart Labs Inc.
Package name : com.wsl.CardioTrainer.pro_feature.apk
File size: 4.8MB

Download CardioTrainer Pro Android v2.8.0
CardioTrainer Pro android apk
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