Download Carbon for Android – Back up Apps Data without ROOT


Carbon – App Sync and Backup is the best app to Back up Android apps without rooting your device.

The famous developer Koushik Dutta, who developed ClockworkMod comes with his latest Android app Carbon. If you are little confused with Carbon for Twitter then let me clarify you, this Carbon – App Sync and Backup app will let you take a complete backup of Apps and games installed on your android device without Rooting.

Carbon for android - App Sync and Backup

Carbon for Android is now out of beta and available to Download for Free. There is also a premium version available. The awesome thing about Carbon – App Sync and Backup is that it allows to backup your apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage. More cool thing is that users can even restore the apps on different device.

While free version of Carbon Android allows to Backup and restore Apps to SD card and PC, the premium version of Carbon comes with no ads and it does feature more awesome options:

Automatic Backup schedules
Android to Android sync
Cloud backup and restore
* Dropbox
* Box
* Google Drive

Watch below the video overview of Carbon – App Sync and Backup.


Unfortunately Carbon doesn’t work on Motorola devices. Koush explains that due to a bug on that Motorola phones which break Android’s backup mechanism the app doesn’t work and it should be fix by Motorola.

We suggest you to download carbon for Android Free version from the link below or use the widget to Back up Android Apps  without ROOT. If you like how it works then you may consider to upgrading Carbon premium to enjoy the features mentioned above which will automatically send your backups to your cloud storage accounts. So you won’t have to worry about Backing up your Android Apps.

Download Carbon – App Sync and Backup for Android


  • Michael

    It doesn’t require root however requires a computer.

  • Shred

    The app is now called Helium. But it did not work for me.

  • Jack Thomson

    While I
    am a fan of Koush, I recently trialed trubackup as a Carbon alternative and
    was pleasantly surprised. It’s a cloud based app which I downloaded for Free
    that backs up all your data – texts, media, other apps. It creates one folder
    for your tab and phone and it’s super easy to restore your content. Check it