Car Tunes Music Player Android Download to Voice Control Music in Car


Wouldn’t it be nice to control your car music system with voice command. Car Tunes Music Player for Android will allow to do that easily.

If you are search the Play Store for the keywords – music player – you will get over 2500 hits. From music players with equalizer to advanced sound options, app from major developers such as Winamp to apps like social media players to sing along with, everything has been offered. Now the question comes: how about a music player while you are driving your car?


Car Tunes Music Player, as the naming suggests, designed for in-car use. The app can be controlled needs by voice command using voice recognition technology which is very useful while you drive. Of course, it can also function in all other situations as an alternative to the pre-installed music app. Car Tunes Music Player also got swipe gesture controls in a unique circular controller which allows to control everything and access music library without even looking at the screen.

The Car Tunes music player  has recently passed beta phase, but has everything in the basic luggage you’d expect from a good music player. The Media Library lists only once all data stored on the smartphone into categories: by artist, album, or track. The music is sorted and user can create playlists including his favorite tracks. When playing music, you get the option to repeat some or all tracks in a playlist, or play them in random order.

The killer feature of the music player is, of course, its operation, which is especially handy when you want to change a track or playlist while driving your car, and you can do it without ever looking at the screen. Apart from the usual operation via buttons smartphone owners can control the most important functions of the player by means of voice commands. This function is not activated by default and the user can choose to activate or deactivate it with ease. There are gesture that can be performed easily, without having to look at the display. A simple swipe gesture from top to bottom across the screen and the player is ready for voice commands. You can then say a song title, the artist or album into the microphone of your cell phone, and the player automatically starts the music you selected.

Pros of Car Tunes Music Player Android App:

+Voice activated functions

+Well designed UI


Cons of Car Tunes Music Player:

foreign accents not recognized in noisy environments

Download Car Tunes Music Player Lite Android App by hitting the widget below. You can purchase the Car Tunes Music Player (no ads) version and get rid of the ads.