Camera 3D Android download app. Make 3D images on your device!

Here we go with the updated version of Camera 3D v1.5.1 Android app. Make “3D” images on your device! with Camera 3D Android app. You can take 2, 3 or to 99 photos to make “3D” images, the maximum number of pictures depends on your device.

Downlaod Camera 3D Android app     Screenshot of Camera 3D Android app

Tips for using Camera 3D Android app:
Vibrating Stereo:
- Take 2 pictures, and click “Vibrating Stereo” to preview as vibrating stereo.
- Vibrate 2 images to produce 3D effect
- Slide the screen to change vibration speed.
- Export to Animated GIF
Export path : sdcard/Pictures

- Take 3 or more pictures and preview as multi-angle 3D image
- Use accelerometer/slide to control the faces of the image

Tips to take good 3D pictures:
- Always take from left to right.
- Don’t move your device too far away from your last position.
- Try to match the object from the last picture’s overlay.
- Slide the screen left or right to change last picture overlay’s opacity.
- Try to put the object in the middle of the screen.
- Export to Animated GIF
Export path : sdcard/Pictures

Camera 3D was developed for Android by siulun
Package name : com.siulun.Camera3D.apk
File size: 231KB

Download Camera 3D Android App v1.5.1:
Camera 3D Android apk
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Camera 3D is a Free Android App. Download Camera 3D from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.